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Natural Teak

Our teak are legally harvested natural Burmese teak. Burmese teak has long been one of the most sought-after raw materials for interior decoration, indoor/outdoor furniture and flooring.

Natural teak is best known for the unique golden brown colour, beautiful wood grain and durability. Aged teak is resistant to termites and other wood boring insects which are commonly found in tropical countries in South East Asia. Unlike other hardwoods, teak is easier to mill. This advantage allows teak to be conveniently carved into exceptional piece of furniture which can be passed down from generation to generation. In the past few years, Myanmar government has restricted teak logging in order to preserve the woodland and wildlife habitat for hundreds of species. The limited supply has caused the price of teak to skyrocket ever since.

Because teak is highly valued, our primary concern is the make the best out of our precious resource and simultaneously delivery the best quality to our customers.

Please note that due to the export restriction, we cannot export any teak timber and teak veneer.

For more information about our teak, please contact 02-925-5254

Our Teak
Our Teak